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General Interest Articles
ANAM Q&A blog thumbnail 4K jpeg

      from Australian National Academy of Music blog, 15/7/2021

The Oxley Piano thumbnail 4K jpeg

      from Unlocked, Winter 2019

        This article by Carey Beebe on the 1842 Broadwood square piano
        appeared in the members’ magazine of Sydney Living Museums,
        and is reproduced here with permission.

ACO Goldberg Variations harpsichord article 4K jpeg

     from Australian Chamber Orchestra blog, 2018

Carmel Bach Festival Program 2009 5K jpeg

     from Carmel Bach Festival Program Book, 2009, pp34,35

QANTAS The Australian Way, August 2007 5K jpeg

     from QANTAS The Australian Way, August 2007, p53

Journal Articles & Book Reviews

Book Chapters

Fletcher & Beebe 3K jpeg
  • Fletcher, NH & Beebe, C 2010, ‘Harpsichord and Clavichord’ in Thomas D Rossing [ed], The Science of String Instruments, Springer, New York, pp123–143

Business Cards

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Concert Programs
Pymble Ladies’ College Harpsichord Celebration Concert program cover 5K jpeg

Postcard Series
2019 1775 Jacob & Abraham Kirckman double-manual harpsichord postcard thumbnail 7K jpeg
2018 1842 Broadwood square piano postcard thumbnail 9K jpeg
2017 Broadwood square piano 1796 postcard thumbnail 7K jpeg
2016 Gerlach clavichord 2015 postcard thumbnail 6K jpeg
2015 Ruckers Double 2014 postcard thumbnail 8K jpeg
2014 1773 Kirckman 2014 postcard thumbnail 8K jpeg
2013 Ruckers Double 2012 postcard thumbnail 8K jpeg
2012 Italian Virginal 2011 postcard thumbnail 7K jpeg
2011 Ruckers Double 2011 keyboards postcard 8K jpeg
2010 Ruckers Double 2010 postcard 8K jpeg
2009 Blanchet soundboard detail postcard 7K jpeg
2008 2000 Ruckers Single postcard 8K jpeg

Contemporary Harpsichord Music
Special Projects & Exhibitions
Harpsichord News Brief
Harpsichord News Brief banner 16K jpeg

Sample Pages from THE PARIS WORKSHOP Construction Manuals
The Paris Workshop banner 5K jpeg

Stringing Schedules from THE PARIS WORKSHOP Please ask if you desire a stringing schedule for another make or model of instrument
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