Harpsichord Parts & Accessories

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Action Balance Punchings Paper Pkt $5.64
Clavichord Tangents [specify which clavichord and bass, middle or treble] Each $2.55
Hardware Key lead, ø 6.5mm 60cm $9.09
Jacks Plastic, tapered ZHI #6, brown, without tongue Each $2.18
Tongue, ZHI #6 brown plastic Each $3.82
Tongue, Hubbard white plastic Each $2.73
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Celcon, black, .015˝ thin Pkt 65 $10.91
Celcon, black, .020˝ thick, large profile Pkt 130 $12.73
Celcon, black, .020˝ thick, large profile Pkt 1000 $63.64
Celcon, natural, .015˝ thin Pkt 65 $10.91
Celcon, natural, .015˝ thin Pkt 1000 $77.27
Delrin, .0165˝ medium, large profile Pkt 65 $12.73
Delrin, .0165˝ medium, large profile Pkt 1000 $85.45
Delrin, .020˝ thick, large profile Pkt 130 $16.36
Delrin, .020˝ thick, large profile Pkt 1000 $127.27
Thumbnails White plastic Pkt 10 $3.82
Voicing Materials Voicing block, oak Each $2.00
Voicing knife handle & blade, X-Acto Gripster Each $9.09
X-Acto Blades Pkt 5 $4.55
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de Blaise, William: Maintenance Manual, comb bound reprint Each $27.27
Jorgensen, Owen: The Equal Beating Temperaments, pamphlet Each $17.27
Klop, GC: Harpsichord Tuning, pamphlet Each $17.27
Taylor, Manual for the care and adjustment of Sperrhake Harpsichords, comb bound reprint Each $27.27
Decoration Case Painting Materials
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Paint, Earth pigments ground in flat oil base, available in 18 colors
[specify color or heavy-bodied undercoat]
Pint $70.00
Paste varnish, Polyurethane Pint $70.00
Flemish Printed Papers
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Keywell & soundboard surround, Flemish single Set $136.36
Keywell & soundboard surround, Flemish double Set $145.45
Ashgrain & borders, Flemish single lid Set $154.55
Ashgrain & borders, Flemish double lid Set $172.55
Gilding Materials
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Kit, Soundboard rose Each $36.36
Kit [specify mouldings, bands, or Louis stand] From $245.45
Soundboard Painting
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Info 1K gif Pigments, dry powder [specify color] 10ml $6.00
Soundboard Rose
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Cast Ruckers style, ungilded Each $71.82
Hardware Drill Bits [specify #57 for bridge & nut pins, or long 1/16˝ for hitchpins] Each $5.09
Screwsink Each $25.45
Pins Bridge & Nut, #18 brass, 7/16˝ Pkt 110 $10.91
Hitchpins & keyguides, .063 x 11/4˝, soft iron Pkt 65 $12.73
Inserter tool Each $5.64
Tuning, historic tapered, ø 4mm with hole [other varieties also available], from Each $0.86
Green Cloth Key end felt Metre $22.73
Hopsacking Loose weave black wool, for touchrail, jackrail or backrail padding [specify width] Strip $8.00
Leather Greasy kangaroo, for Fortepiano hammers Strip $10.00
Nigerian Chieftain goatskin, for leather hinges Strip $10.00
Split pigskin Strip $8.00
Scarlet Cloth
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Damper cloth Choir $7.09
Miscellaneous Corrosion control Bullfrog Emitter corrosion control cup Each $12.73
Padded Cover
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for any instrument from THE PARIS WORKSHOP Each $854.55
for other makes of instrument including Zuckermann Each $945.45
Info 1K gif Shoulder bag for the Delin Spinet Each $854.55
Bag for 3 legs for the Delin Spinet Each $163.63
Bag for 6 legs Each $227.27
Tuning Electronic Tuner
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Korg OT-120 multi-temperament tuner Each $100.00
The Contact Microphone Each $8.18
Temperament card, laminated, for Korg MT-1200 Each $18.18
Tuning Fork
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John Walker, Sheffield blued [specify G392, A415, A430 or A440] Each $27.27
Tuning Hammer
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Zither pin gooseneck, wooden handle Each $34.55
Zither pin T-bar, wooden handle Each $34.55
Historic style for rectangular-headed pins, with stringing hook [specify standard tapered or spinet (short shaft)] Each $45.45
Deluxe, wooden handle, standard tapered Each $72.73
Tuning Mute Rubber, for isolating string pairs on clavichords & fortepianos Each $2.00
Felt Each $5.82
Wire Wire Coil
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Rose wire [specify soft iron, red brass, or yellow brass and diameter in .001˝] 7.5m Coil $18.18
US wire [specify soft iron (plain or tinned), red brass, yellow brass or phosphor bronze and diameter in .001˝] 7.5m Coil $13.64
Replacement string with 1 loop, any material [specify or send sample for best match] Each $9.09
Wire Set Rose wire, [specify instrument] Choir $159.09
US wire, Custom boxed for restringing any TPW or ZHI instrument [specify instrument] Choir $109.09

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