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MOVING II: Shoulder bag for the Delin Spinet

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A Shoulder bag for the Delin Spinet…
At only 17kg and 165cm long, the Delin Spinet from THE PARIS WORKSHOP has proved so useful as a portable instrument, it was essential for us to design a practical cover to fully protect it when moved.

Harpsichord technician Haruo Hikino from L’Oiseau-Lyre House co ltd in Osaka had special ideas as to what was needed, and faxed a wonderful outline sketch showing a spinet-shaped bag hanging from a man’s shoulder.

Delin shoulder bag 34K jpeg
The new shoulder bag for the Delin Spinet

Even with all the odd angles of the spinet, it was entirely possible. With the able assistance of John—relying on his twenty years’ experience of machining our covers in Sydney—the special design was engineered for manufacture.

The Delin Spinet padded cover is slightly more expensive than the covers for other instruments because of its complex nature.

The instrument is totally enclosed in the padded bag, and the zipper running along the bentside is fastened. The music desk and lid stick fit in an oversized pocket on the lid of the cover, and the carry loops are indeed long enough to hook over your shoulder, and away you go. The three legs fit in a suitable leg roll, sold separately.

Following requests from other musicians who own the English Bentside Spinet, we have also developed a shoulder bag to protect that similarly-shaped instrument without its trestle stand.

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