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MOVING I: Padded covers

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About our Padded Covers…
If you are still trying to move your naked harpsichord around, it’s time to make your job easier and consider giving your instrument the protection it deserves by ordering one of our custom-made padded covers. Obliging Aunt Bessies around the world have lovingly sewn many creations, but even most “professionally” supplied covers are only crude imitations of the real thing. Some even cause more damage than they are supposed to save because of incorrect materials or poor design like harsh internal lining, insufficient padding, or metal buckles which bang up the finish.

Padded cover 6K jpegWhen comparing our covers to those supplied by others, please note we don’t offer different levels of protection (and price) for your precious instrument. After moving instruments around the world, we use the very best materials we have found for the job. Our covers are now made from grey canvas, with foam padding and brushed cotton interior.

We offer our covers at a reasonable price, and will pack and ship them anywhere in the world. They are made a snug fit for any instrument from THE PARIS WORKSHOP. We will gladly provide covers for other makes of instruments—including Zuckermann—for a slight supplement: Please contact us to see if we already have a pattern for your particular instrument. If we don’t, we may ask you to prepare a full-size pattern and mail it to us to ensure your cover is an exact fit.

Our latest design is a shoulder bag for the Delin Spinet. We also make drop covers to place over instruments on table stands. These have a deeper skirt with flared sides to fit over the table stand, and do not have the normal bottom perimeter rope or carry straps.

As each cover is custom-made, please allow us manufacturing time of at least three weeks, and sometimes more in holiday seasons because our machinist is heavily occupied with caravan annexes and tents at those times.

Padded cover 6K jpeg

How to Use our Padded Covers Correctly…
To begin, place the tail end of the cover over your instrument while it is still on its stand. The boot provides extra protection for this pointy end—especially necessary when poking it into your vehicle.

You are never going to be able to fit the cover if you put it on keyboard end first, so don’t waste your time trying.

Now fit both front corners of the cover over the front of the instrument.

Pull the bottom perimeter rope tight and tie a half hitch in the bottom in the middle of the keyboard.

Padded cover 5K jpeg

Padded cover 5K jpeg

Flip the instrument onto its spine, still on the stand. This takes some confidence to do by yourself, but is not impossible: Harpsichords are not heavy, only awkward in shape like a mattress.

Now run the rope from side to side, crisscrossing the bottom of the instrument from cheek to spine to bentside to spine etc—this stops the harpsichord falling out of its cover (!) and ensures bottom edge protection, especially around the bentside which would otherwise pull into a straight line.

Terminate this in a half hitch near the tail.

You can lift the harpsichord from this position: If you move regularly, get yourself a trolley to save your back. After all, the wheel was one of the greatest inventions of all time.

Lower the tail to the floor, position your trolley under the keyboard end of the spine, then lift the front end. Slide the stand out of the way to your left with your foot, and lower the front end of the harpsichord onto the trolley. Away you go!


Without a trolley, you need to rely on help. Two’s company, three’s a crowd. Take the valuable keyboard end yourself. Always carry the instrument spine to the floor, keyboard end lowest when going up or down stairs. Put your arms through the spine carry straps if you feel this gives extra security on stairs, but hang onto the instrument, and don’t try to lift the whole weight of the harpsichord from the straps alone, for that is sure to result in disaster.

With a little practice, you should be able to move most instruments with quite some aplomb!

When you remove it from the instrument, don’t drop your precious cover on the ground fluffy inside down. It will keep far cleaner if you immediately roll it up like a sleeping bag, using the excess tie rope to hold it together.

Padded cover 5K jpeg

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