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MOVING V: Original flightcase

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Flightcase closed 18K jpeg

Original flightcase…
Our original foam-lined fibreglass flightcase was designed to allow safe transit of our smaller instruments anywhere in the world. It has flown to Singapore several times as well as Beijing, and all over Australia by road and sea. You can read about some of the destinations in our Interesting Projects section. It has also proved useful for the roadfreight collection and return of instruments which must come to the workshop in Sydney for repair or sale.

Spine skids and recessed handles enable ease of moving. The instruments travel safest when loaded spine side down, and in this alignment the flightcase fits into the cargo holds of the Boeing 767 and Airbus A300 domestic passenger aircraft, as well as the 707, 727 and BAe146 freighters commonly used in Australia. For transport in smaller domestic passenger aircraft, the flightcase can be loaded flat.

Size 233 x 108 x 47.5cm
Volume 1.2m3
Domestic Chargeable Weight 300kg
International Chargeable Weight 200kg

Flightcase packed with Ruckers Double for performances by
Les Arts Florissants in Singapore, February 2003

Flightcase open 18K jpeg

Unloading the harpsichord 33K jpeg
Neal Peres Da Costa
with the harpsichord arriving at the
Thursday Island wharf

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