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MOVING IV: Moving further afield

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Ruckers Double Harpsichord in box 27K jpeg

A new Ruckers Double Harpsichord being packed
for the relatively short journey by air from Sydney to Auckland.
The empty space is still to be filled with crushed paper
and the box strapped with metal bands.
Moving further afield…
One of our good padded covers gives you the confidence to move your instrument in your own vehicle, but extra protection is called for if you want to send your instrument by some other means to distant places.

There is no help for it, the harpsichord must be boxed or crated. We often keep reusable heavy-duty shipping cartons on hand, and have experience packing and shipping instruments around the world.

If you need to move your instrument, we can assist if needed by pickup, crating and providing necessary export documentation. For instrument owners moving to Sydney, we can help with customs clearance arrangements and delivery of your instrument, then setup and tuning in its new home. Note that Australian quarantine laws are quite strict—for a good reason—and your imported instrument can be subject to quarantine inspection and possible treatment upon arrival.

Harpsichords tend to be light and bulky, which means that airlines charge on a volumetric basis rather than the actual weight. A medium-sized instrument like the Ruckers Double opposite, when packed in a cardboard shipping box might only weigh 100kg, but because the box takes up 0.75m3, it is assumed to weigh 124.5kg. Please ask us for further information.

French Double Harpsichord crated 36K jpeg

A French Double Harpsichord by an Italian maker being packed
in an ISPM15-compliant wooden crate for the Japanese owner’s return to Tokyo.

Larger or heavier instruments are best crated, along with instruments traveling convoluted routes by air, or subject to possible rougher handling and exposure to climatic extremes by seafreight.

Many countries now insist that wooden packing materials meet the ISPM15 standard to prevent the worldwide spread of plant pests. Solid wood packing materials must be debarked and either heat-treated or fumigated with methyl bromide before the internationally-recognized mark applied.

We use professionally-manufactured crates made from 12mm plywood, and lined with 25mm expanded white polystyrene.

Our workshop is situated within fifteen minutes of Sydney International airport, and we have long-established relationships with both our specialist crate maker, and our import/export handler. We will gladly give an estimate of shipping cost for your choice of instrument to your destination by road, sea or air, but please note actual cost can only be determined after packing has established the exact crated size and weight.

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