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On these pages grouped together in this section of the website, you can read about an assortment of interesting domestic and international projects we’ve undertaken over the years—and there’s plenty more stories where these came from!

Projects index:

Sydney Opera House thumbnail 7K jpeg Uluṟu thumbnail 4K jpeg Clavichord on the Nullabor thumbnail 7K jpeg Yamanashi Kofu thumbnail 9K jpeg Beijing Fortepiano thumbnail 8K jpeg Carmel Bach Festival thumbnail 8K jpeg THursday Island thumbnail 7K jpeg THursday Island thumbnail 7K jpeg Shanghai Neupert thumbnail 8K jpeg
Opera Australia Australian made… Nullabor Yamanashi Kofu Beijing Fortepiano Carmel Bach Winter in Moscow 4 the film Shanghaied!

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Handel Great Suites. Orfeo, crossing the Ganges. Opera Australia. Australian made… Australian played… Clavichord on the Nullabor. 4 the film. Shanghaied! Beijing Fortepiano. Yamanashi Kofu Early Music Contest. Winter in Moscow. Carmel Bach Festival. Seattle Baroque in Dubai.