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Marie Antoinette’s Spinet by Pascal Taskin 30K jpeg
Marie Antoinette’s spinet by Pascal Taskin 1778

An introduction to the marvelously diverse world of early keyboard instruments, suitable for the general music-loving public as well as performers and students. Participants will fasten their seatbelts for a five-continent whirlwind tour. Through a wide range of slides taken by Carey Beebe, representative examples of clavichords, harpsichords, virginals, spinets, clavicytheria and early pianos will be compared and contrasted. Particular emphasis will be placed on the musical and historical context, with entertaining dialog. Featured instruments might include Cristofori’s Gravicembalo (the earliest surviving piano), Marie-Antoinette’s spinet, Liszt’s Steinway, Handel’s harpsichord, a Lovely German Lady with something in her drawers, and other bizarre baroque oddities covered in plaster, gold, cherubs or leather.

Prior Knowledge or Experience Required

A interesting ninety-minute presentation with opportunities for informal group feedback.

Equipment required
One Push Button Slide Projector & Screen
CD player (optional)

Suggested maximum participants 200

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