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TUNING VII: Previous Korg Electronic Tuners

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This page details the various Korg electronic tuner models we have supplied to musicians the world over. Please feel free to contact us if you require an up-to-date replacement, service, parts, advice or instruction manuals for any of these Korg models.

CA-20 4K jpeg

CA-20 Auto Tuner
Compact and inexpensive

  • Manual and Auto tuning modes
  • Calibration Range of A430 – 449Hz (1Hz steps)
  • Battery Life approx. 100 hours
  • Auto power off
  • Dimensions 99(W) x 62(H) x 15(D)
  • Weight 60g without batteries
  • 2 x AAA batteries

AT-2 Auto Tuner
Compact chromatic tuner with wide seven octave range

  • Flat/Sharp LEDS aid in pitch indication
  • Dimensions 133(W) x 67(D) x 34(H)
  • Weight 180g including battery
  • 9V battery
AT-2 7K jpeg

DT-3 8K jpeg

DT-3 Digital Tuner
Chromatic auto tuner with auto-reference calibration

  • Wide measurement range
  • Auto reference calibration
  • Hz tuning mode enables precise tuning in 1Hz increments
  • New improved LED meter for easy, accurate tuning
  • Dimensions 123(W) x 77(D) x 230(H)
  • Weight 137g including battery
  • Soft carry case and 9V battery

AT-1 Auto Tuner
Full function auto chromatic tuner with large, easy-to-read meter

  • Generates reference tones for four octaves
  • Quickly responds to pitch change through an advanced CPU
  • Dimensions 147(W) x 74(D) x 41(H)
  • Weight 190g including batteries
  • 4 x AAA batteries
AT-1 7K jpeg

DT-1 7K jpeg

DT-1 Digital Tuner
Cassette-sized compact tuner

  • Generates reference tones to output jack for four octaves
  • Meter response speed can be set to fast or slow
  • Dimensions 109(W) x 70(D) x 17(H)
  • Weight 123g including batteries
  • 2 x AAA batteries

OT-12 Orchestral Tuner
Recent model with new technology

  • Dual display—LCD & needle
  • Adjustable needle response
  • Pitch can be set from A349 to A499 in 1Hz increments
  • Eight popular temperaments built in
  • Dimensions 141(W) x 60(D) x 40(H)
  • Weight 164g including batteries
  • 2 x AA batteries

Instruction Manual

This tuner was bundled with the CM-100 Microphone
and sold as the OT-12M model in some countries.

OT-12 9K jpeg

CM-100 4K jpeg

CM-100 Contact Microphone
Useful for noisy situations

  • Uses 1/4˝ male phono jack
  • Fits Korg & other models with MIC socket
  • Allows tuner to be positioned for ease of reading

AT-120 Auto Chromatic Tuner
Advanced “flip-top” design tuner

  • Wide tuning range
  • Pitch can be set from A390 to A470 in 1Hz increments
  • Generates reference sounds for four octaves
  • Headphone socket
  • Dimensions 128(W) x 33(D) x 113(H)
  • Weight 250g excluding battery
  • 9V battery
AT-120 9K jpeg

MT-1200 9K jpeg

MT-1200 Multi Temperament Tuner
Uncompromising accuracy and a full range of professional features

  • Front and rear built in microphones
  • Pitch can be set from A390 to A470 in 0.1Hz increments
  • Eight popular temperaments built in
  • Two easily programmable memories for your own temperaments
  • Soft case
  • Dimensions 182(W) x 100(D) x 35(H)
  • Weight 400g including batteries
  • 4 x AAA batteries

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