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CONTINUO ORGAN I: Setting up the Continuo Organ

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Setting up the Klop continuo organ, available for hire worldwide

Setting up the Continuo Organ…

The Klop continuo organs are rugged, dependable, and easily moved. Their wooden pipes are not subject to the possible damage that soft metal pipes easily suffer—even if the organ might be turned upside down in transport. The movie below with its attached technical description shows how to unpack the organ flightcase and set up the organ ready for playing.

The instrument shown is the 3.5 rank model, but the same process is relevant to all models. Unpacking typically takes only a minute or two.

Details of the continuo organ flightcase can be found on its own page in the Moving section of the Technical Library.

Movie thumb 2K jpeg Movie 1K gif Klop Continuo Organ — unpacking and setup
Carey Beebe unpacking and setting up the Klop Continuo Organ for a recording session at Sydney’s Studios 301.
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