Henk Klop continuo organ

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After working with these instruments in concert and recording situations around the world for many years, we have pleasure in recommending Henk Klop continuo organs.

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Compact in size and lightweight, the Klop organs with their self-contained blower and all-wooden pipes have a rich, colorful and musically versatile tone. The keyboard retracts into the case for safety when moving, and easily transposes between four pitches. Intermediate pitches like A430 are possible, as is tuning to any desired temperament without special tools.

The player can be comfortably seated and visibility to surrounding musicians is unhindered. The stops draw separately for treble and bass, adding to the usefulness of a single-keyboard instrument.

The Klop organs are deservedly popular. There are several in Australia including our hire organ, regal, and our most recent deliveries to MLC School in Sydney, and Australian Brandenburg Orchestra.

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performing an excerpt from Henry Purcell’s Strike the viol

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Range 54-note keyboard C–f''', transposable A392/A415/A440/A466
Disposition 8⁠´ Stopped
4⁠´ Chimney flute
2⁠´ Open
1 1 3⁠´ or 2 2 3⁠´ Quint (treble only)
Divided stop registers
Pipework All wooden pipes
Action Mechanical
Blower Self-contained, 110V or 240V depending on destination
Case wood Solid cherry or oak
Decoration Pierced panels to all sides, collapsible music desk
Dimensions Length 113cm ~ Width 83cm ~ Height 49cm
Weight about 80kg
Included Accessories Flightcase
Power cord
Price $65000
Delivery time About a year from date of order
Australian dollar GST-inclusive prices ex Peakhurst effective April 1 2024
GST-exempt prices available for export.
Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.

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