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Musical Instruments including Early Music

11 & 25 November 2003

  • All figures are in Pounds Sterling (GBP)
  • Sales results include Buyer’s Premium
  • Omitted lot numbers indicate items that were withdrawn, passed, or unsold as of data date


255 Matthew & William Stodart: Grand Pianoforte, London late 18th Century 8–10K -
256 Grand Pianoforte, Italy c1830 3.5–5K -
257 Edward Blunt: Bent Side [sic] Spinet, London 1703 15–20K -
258 Single Manual Harpsichord, Italy 1662 35–45K 45600
259 Louis Dulcken: Grand Pianoforte, Munich c1810 20–25K 22800
260 Clementi: & Co: Square Piano, London c1815 800–1.2K 1440
261 Erard: Grand Pianoforte, London c1855 2–3K 2160
262 John Broadwood & Sons: Square Piano, London 1818 800–1.2K -
263 Johannes Pohlman: Square Piano, London 1774 1.5–2K 2160


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