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The Ottavina
after Anon late C17th Italian,
MI263 Germanisches Nationalmuseum

2 x 4⁠´, no buff
Both registers movable
48-note keyboard C,D–c''' with bone naturals,
      ebony-slipped stained pearwood accidentals,
      & pearwood arcades
Traditional cherry jacks with holly tongues,
      wire springs & Canada goose quill, working in box guide
Strung in Birkett Yellow Brass
Inner instrument of cedar of Lebanon,
      Alaskan yellow cedar soundboard, walnut bridge & nut


The most compact real harpsichord

Size: 99 x 67cm
Value: $11000
Performance Fee: $690

The latest addition to our hire fleet is a delightful Ottavina by San Francisco maker Kevin Fryer, a real harpsichord with two 4´ choirs. My longtime friend and colleague Kevin built three of these based on the anonymous late C17th Italian original in the Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nuremburg as an experiment—all identical except for choice of soundboard wood. This instrument made its debut in the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra’s twelve-concert sellout Ottoman Baroque series, with performances in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in July 2023.

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