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Our Ruckers Double Harpsichord

The Details

Instruments Available for Hire…
We provide only world-class instruments backed by an exceptional standard of customer service. Our instruments have been proven with numerous concerts, recordings and other activities around the globe. Each instrument has its own specification page which can reached from the hire gallery menu at the bottom of this page. For ease of comparison, you can also view the gallery in table form. To secure your choice of instrument, please book as far ahead as possible, preferably by eMail. Additional instruments may be available from time to time, including some for possible long term hire commitments.

Pitch & Temperament…
Please inform us of your intended use of the instrument when booking so it can be best prepared. The transposing keyboards on the Grimaldi enable performance at either baroque A415 or modern A440. The Ruckers Double and the Neapolitan also accommodate the lower A392. The French Double transposes between A392 and A415. The Continuo Organ transposes four ways A392/A415/A440/A466, and the Regal A415/A440/A466. The Fortepiano transposes between A415 and A440, although given sufficient notice, we can often accommodate intermediate “Classical” pitches like A425 or A430 for an additional fee of $200 per season.

Credits for Printed Programs, Recordings or Broadcasts…
We appreciate the provision of a simple credit line in the following format:

Ruckers Double Harpsichord
supplied and prepared by Carey Beebe Harpsichords

If any recording is made using our instruments, we enjoy the courtesy of receiving an edited copy and the opportunity to sell the finished product from our shop.

Notes for Stage Management…
Extra space must be allowed for the performer because the quoted sizes refer to the instruments alone. Please specify if a stool, short lid stick, music desk or music stands are required. All lids can be easily removed if desired, and all stands can be made captive for easy on-stage handling of the instrument by two people. To maximise tuning stability in adverse environments for acoustic instruments (like air-conditioning or powerful lighting) please allow at least two hours prior to tuning with the instrument in position on stage, lid up, and lights at full performance level.

Film Props or Television Commercial Usage…
Our instruments look real because of their carefully executed decoration in appropriate style. To enhance your particular need or historic period, we will gladly advise on the most suitable instrument and can arrange performers if desired. Negotiated Hire Fees apply.

Performance Fee…
Our Performance Fee for each instrument is inclusive of all charges (Hire, Return Transport, Insurance, Setup, Preparation & Tuning, as well as Interval Attendance if required) for a weekday call of maximum five hours duration on site in the Sydney South Area. Extension will be charged at $165/hour. Loading and/or Location charges may also be applicable.


Live Broadcast 10%
Outdoors 25%
Saturday 10%
Sunday 20%
Public Holiday 25%
After Midnight 100%
Double Rush
(for emergencies booked less than 24 hours prior)
Double Fee

Location Charges…
Sydney South is the area between Port Jackson and Port Hacking and as far west as Parramatta. The CBD and Eastern suburbs are included. For locations further afield, the following additional standard charges (including GST) apply after the Loading to assist in covering the extra travel time and transportation cost required:

Lower North Shore $44.00
Upper North Shore $66.00
Gosford $330.00
Newcastle $650.00
Penrith $240.00
Blue Mountains $280.00
Wollongong $250.00
Canberra $980.00

Kill Fee…
A Kill Fee may be applicable for any calls cancelled without 48 hours clear notice.

Full Attendance…
The Performance Fee includes attendance during the performance. If required, full attendance at all rehearsals or recording sessions may be arranged and will be charged for at our normal rate of $147.40/hour, or a special daily rate when using our instruments.

Worldwide comprehensive insurance is included on all hirings. However, any damage resulting from but not limited to careless handling, misuse, unauthorized tampering, or exposure of the instrument to climatic extremes while on location is the hirer’s responsibility and will be charged for.

Rehearsal Studio…
You are encouraged to audition our instruments to help choose the one most suited to your needs. Musicians preparing for a concert are welcome to practise in our air-conditioned studio for $33/three hour session. Alternatively, we suggest you consider arranging additional rehearsal calls at the performance venue.

Country & Interstate Hirings…
We will gladly provide costing for hirings of longer duration, such as concert or lecture tours, festivals, courses, or for touring long distances interstate. Transport and traveling time (figured at $1.85/km) will be added to the price of the hire, together with accommodation and incidental expenses.

Special Projects & Overseas Hirings…
Please contact us with your requirements and we will be pleased to provide costings.

Our foam-lined lockable fibreglass flightcase is available for safe transit of our smaller instruments anywhere in the world. Spine skids and recessed handles enable ease of moving. The instruments travel safest when packed spine side down, and in this alignment the flightcase fits into the cargo holds of the Boeing 767 and Airbus A300 domestic passenger aircraft, as well as the 707, 727 and BAe146 freighters commonly used in Australia. For transport in smaller domestic passenger aircraft, the flightcase can be loaded flat. We will assist your project by obtaining competitive freight quotes to anywhere. Further details and pictures are available on the Flightcase page in the Technical Library. The Continuo Organ has its own Flightcase.

Size 233 x 108 x 47.5cm
Capacity 1.2m3
Domestic Chargeable Weight 300kg
International Chargeable Weight 200kg

Flightcase packed with Ruckers Double for performances by
Les Arts Florissants in Singapore, February 2003

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Other Services…
We provide professional service to early keyboard instruments of all makes and types either on location anywhere throughout the world, or in our modern well-equipped workshop. We stock a wide range of decoration materials for amateur and professional instrument makers, as well as supplies for moving, tuning, maintaining and building instruments. Visitors are welcome by appointment to our factory showroom to inspect the quality new and second-hand instruments as well as see those we are working on.

Australian dollar GST-inclusive prices effective March 1 2017 and subject to change without notice.

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