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French Double Harpsichord after Blanchet

2 x 8⁠´, 1 x 4⁠´, buff to back 8⁠´
Stop registers worked by levers through nameboard
Two 61-note reverse keyboards FF–f''' A392/A415
Tapered pearwood jacks with holly tongues, boar bristle springs
      & Canada goose quill, working in leathered registers
Strung in Malcolm Rose wire
Soundboard painting after Collesse by Sheridan Germann
Handpainted Soldier Blue case
Water gilt mouldings and keywell, oil gilt bands
Six leg Louis-XVI stand with concealed music drawer
Watergilt boxes & reverse flutes, oil gilt cast brass medallions
Matching stool with buttoned gold velvet seat


The consummate harpsichord.

Size: 240 x 98cm
Value: $95000
Performance Fee: $1260

Sound 1K gif Sound 1K gif

* Flightcase compatible
for safe transit anywhere

The smooth and majestic sound of our sumptuously-decorated French Double is just the thing for continuo in French opera, but the instrument has also featured in solo Sydney recitals by artists as diverse as Christophe Rousset or Mahan Esfahani. A forthcoming cutting-edge complete digital edition of Jean-Benjamin de Laborde’s long-forgotten illustrated songbook Choix de Chansons (1773) is an ARC Discovery Project, correlating eighteenth-century images, music, and text.


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