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The Fortepiano after Stein *

Double strung throughout
Hand operated moderator, knee lever sustain
One 61+1-note reverse keyboard FF–f''' A415/A440
A430 capable
Strung in Malcolm Rose Red & Yellow Brass, and Soft Iron wire
Honduras mahogany round tail case
Four turned and fluted legs, solid frame and panel lid
Viennese action by Carey Beebe
Kangaroo skin hammer coverings
Viennese action model by Philip Belt also available


The keyboard of the Classical masters.

Size: 215 x 98cm
Value: $66000
Performance Fee: $1000

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* Flight-case compatible
for safe transit anywhere

Although it has frequently appeared all over Australia for local and overseas artists, our Stein fortepiano is most regularly heard in the pit for Opera Australia’s Sydney and Melbourne productions of Mozart, Rossini and Donizetti operas. The Fortepiano has toured around Australia twice for Richard Egarr playing concertos with the Australian Chamber Orchestra, made it to Beijing with Florilegium for the first fortepiano concerts in China, and even been heard in Bahrain with Freiburger Barockorchester directed by René Jacobs.


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