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This is a workshop with high practical emphasis to introduce the reasons and methods of various tuning schemes for early keyboard instruments. All participants will understand the need for tempering as well as being able to tune several schemes by ear at the completion of the course.

Prior Knowledge or Experience Required
An eagerness to listen is the most important requirement for tuning. No previous experience in tuning musical instruments will be assumed. Because all the practical focus will be on earlier keyboard instruments, this course will also prove invaluable to modern piano tuners. “Perfect Pitch” is not required, but its implications for tuners and performers will be discussed if any participants are temporarily afflicted by it. Some musical knowledge about the notes of the scale and simple chord structure is expected: More advanced harmonic knowledge is not necessary because all music theory essential to the topic will be thoroughly explained. All participants are expected to have an interest in early keyboard music and have access to a suitable instrument to be able to practice the methods introduced.

An intensive full-day workshop. Because of the small group size, feedback will be encouraged throughout by way of informal question and answer sessions.

Tuning tools 7K jpegTopics covered

Course Notes
A multi-page handout including Temperament Worksheets and Bibliography will be provided to all participants.

Equipment required
Whiteboard & markers OR Overhead Projector & screen

Suggested maximum participants 15

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