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Items of harpsichord ephemera like maker’s brochures from the 1960s and ’70s, photographs, newspaper clippings, museum publications or data, drawings, journals and newsletters record part of the modern history of our instrument which should be preserved: Please don’t discard them, but contact Carey Beebe instead.

English Harpsichord Magazine 8K jpeg

Early Issues of The English Harpsichord Magazine required to complete set:
Volume 1: numbers 5 & 6
Volume 4: number 8
   and any subsequent volumes

Spare copies for exchange:
Volume 1: numbers 3 & 8
Volume 2: numbers 5 & 7

The Harpsichord cover 7K jpeg

Spare copies of The Harpsichord for exchange:
Volume V: number 4
Volume VI: numbers 1 & 2

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Good, clean Sotheby’s Musical Instrument catalogs with keyboard instruments from auctions that you do not see on our Sotheby’s pages. A listing of the catalogs I already have can be found here.

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