TPW Ruckers Flemish Single Harpsichord

Instrument conceived & designed by Marc Ducornet & Emmanuel Danset
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Early Keyboard Instruments for professional and amateur builders

Instruments à clavier de facture historique pour facteurs professionnels et amateurs

Our Ruckers Flemish Single Harpsichord has many benefits. It is relatively small, light and easy to move. Its tuning is stable, and the transposing keyboard permits performance with either baroque or modern instruments.

We can deliver either the traditional Flemish disposition of 8⁠´+4⁠´, or two unison registers. This style was mostly the result of later builders enlarging the earlier instruments to make them correspond to the demands of the 18th-century.

The Ruckers Single is also available with the 2x8⁠´, 1x4⁠´disposition, making it a little more challenging to build and giving it the same soundboard layout, in fact, as the Ruckers Double.

The photograph shows the current Ruckers model: The traditional bone keyboard is an option.

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Range 56+1 notes GG–d''', transposable A392/A415/A440 without loss of d'''
Disposition 2x8⁠´ or 8⁠´+4⁠´, buff
traditional Flemish registers through the cheek
Wood Case in lime or another similar wood
Oak wrestplank
Bottom and lid in solid wood
Swiss pine soundboard
Keyboard Reverse keyboard with ebony naturals, fruitwood accidentals, pearwood arcades
Action Traditional wooden jacks
Assembly Braces either tongue and grooved, or dovetailed
Stand Turned in oak, dismountable
Music desk In oak
Dimensions Length 205cm • Width 84cm • Depth of case 27cm
Weight about 50kg
Instructions Manual in English, French or German
full size paper drawing
Level of difficulty Beginners to Professional
Standard version Version 1, ready for assembly
Options Version 2, case assembled $17620
Version 3, soundboard installed with decorative rose $21600
Version 4, all woodwork completed $24490
Bone-slipped sharps for the reverse keyboard $850
Traditional Flemish keyboard with bone naturals and oak sharps $1110
Three choirs (2x8⁠´, 1x4⁠´, buff)
Stop levers in the keywell (except for the buff)
Finishing & decoration materials
Price Standard version 1, ready for assembly $12940
Australian dollar GST-inclusive prices ex Peakhurst effective 1 January 2024.
Please enquire for export pricing.
Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.

Cutting the moulding for the nameboard 34K jpeg

From our series of Ruckers construction pictures:
Cutting the moulding for the nameboard

pdf icon 1K png  Sample page from the Ruckers Single Construction Manual describing this process

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