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TROPICS IX: Decoration

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If your lid or lid flap does not have sufficient clearance, the paint might want to pull off if the surfaces have been in contact too long under humid conditions. Little leather buffers are helpful for where the lid bears on the case top, or where the flap folds back onto the top surface of the lid. It is fine cabinetwork to have sufficient space along the hingeline, both where the flap joins the lid, and the lid joins the case.

Fake gold leaf (“Schlag” or “Dutch metal”) tends to corrode if it is not varnished after application. As this is a chemical reaction, this will happen faster with tropical heat and/or humidity.

Printed case papers, the soundboard painting, or the case exterior are all subject to attack by mould or insects.

SIlverfish damage 55K jpeg
Silverfish damage to Flemish papers in keywell

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