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STRINGING VII: Alternate hitchpin loops

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The secure loop…

This picture shows a secure loop which many makers are now finding very useful for the slippery Yellow Brass wire.

It’s no more difficult to make than the standard hitchpin loop: Just go twice around the stringing hook with your wire before commencing your winding.

The rest of the loop is exactly the same, keeping a double helix and the terminating close turns for neatness.

The German loop…

This loop is so-named because of its use on German factory-made instruments including pianos. It is remarkable because the wrapping is directly wound around the central core of the wire—there is no effort at making a double helix.

The German loop is simply made with four turns around the wire, then the tail is cut off—but be sure to leave 6mm because when you put the string in the instrument and pull it up to pitch, this loop is designed to slip like a noose. It will tighten around the hitchpin before the little tail will flip over and act like a spring to stop your winding disappearing into thin air.

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