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MOVING XVI: Unpacking the Ruckers harpsichord

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How to unpack and setup the Ruckers harpsichord…

To begin, rest the spine of the instrument on the assembled stand.

Untie the half hitch in the cover rope at the middle of the bentside, and unthread the rope as far as the front of the instrument, leaving it running loosely through the loop.

Now, flip the instrument over into playing position, and find its correct location on the stand top dowels.

Attach the instrument to the stand with the tiedown bolts, if fitted. These bolts enable the instrument to be repositioned within a room or onstage with just two people lifting.

Padded cover 5K jpeg

Padded cover 5K jpeg

Lift the cover off the harpsichord from the keyboard end first.

When you remove it from the instrument, please don’t drop the precious cover on the ground fluffy inside down. It will keep far cleaner if you immediately roll it up like a sleeping bag, using the excess tie rope to hold it together.

Padded cover 5K jpeg

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