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MOVING XIX: Louis XVI table stand assembly

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How to set up the Louis XVI table stand…

The legs screw into the stand for transport.

Rest the stand either upside down or spine side on the floor to remove it from its cover.

Note that this picture shows shorter extra legs (for a matching stool) in transport position.

Remove all legs from the stand, and screw them into their normal positions to support the table. Begin with the three legs along the spine, now at floor level, so the table does not overbalance.

All Louis XVI turned and fluted legs are interchangeable, but if you have a simple leg without flutes or gold, that should be positioned along the spine.

Louis XV cabriole legs are unique, and must be fitted to their correct location in the table.

The stand can now be turned upright to rest on its six legs. The harpsichord must be slid carefully into the table from the unmoulded, spine side. This is easiest keeping the spine side of the instrument and the spine side of the stand parallel to each other. In other words, the cheek of the harpsichord is slid onto the table well before the tail end even touches the stand.

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