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MOVING XIII: Packing the Garlick French Double

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Packing the new flightcase…
Please follow these instructions exactly so the instrument will travel safely.

The flightcase is laid down flat to pack and unpack.

The three-leg stand is dismantled so its two parts can be placed flat on the bottom of the case. Both stretchers will fit snugly between the bottom foam blocks. The long stretcher fits at the top of the flightcase (opposite the lid hinge), with the tail top pod fitting into the cutout in the foam bottom block. This tail top pod must be positioned at the top of the flightcase where the harpsichord will not rest on it. The cross stretcher fits at the tail of the flightcase, with the leg at the top of the flightcase and the two rails with the bolts pointing towards the hinge.

The harpsichord in its cover can then be positioned over the stand, resting on the three foam bottom blocks and pushed flush against the flightcase walls at the instrument front and spine.


Two foam blocks are labeled and must now be used to chock the instrument firmly in place and prevent it from moving when the flightcase is in transit:

  • The Cheek block (containing the 17mm stand wrench)
Foam block at harpsichord cheek 21K jpeg

Foam block at harpsichord tail 23K jpeg
  • The thin Tail block wedges in at the end of the instrument.



Place the stool in the vacant space, with its padded seat away from the harpsichord itself. The largest foam block must finally be positioned to prevent the stool moving in transit.

Close the lid, ensuring correct alignment to bring the butterfly catches together. Working from the tail, rotate the butterfly catches fully clockwise to lock the lid down.

The flightcase can then be flipped onto its spine side, allowing it to be slid, wheeled on a trolley, or picked up and moved by forklift.

Safe travels!
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