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Musical Instruments including Early Music

1 & 8 November 2005

  • All figures are in Pounds Sterling (GBP)
  • Sales results include Buyer’s Premium
  • Omitted lot numbers indicate items that were withdrawn, passed, or unsold as of data date


366 Johann Baptist Streicher: Grand Pianoforte, Vienna P1845 10–15K  
367 Single-manual Harpsichord in Spinet form, first half of C18th and later 7–8K  
368 Richard Horsburgh: Square Piano, Edinburgh early C19th 2–3K  
369 John Broadwood & Sons: Square Piano, London 1818 1–1.5K  
370 Positive Organ, possibly North Italy, first half of C18th 1–1.5K  
371 Thomas Tomkison: Grand Pianoforte, London c1815 4–7K  
372 Jacob Kirckman: Two-manual Harpsichord, London 1763 40–60K  
373 Burkat Shudi and John Broadwood: Two-manual Harpsichord, London 1773 90–120K  
374 Thomas Hitchcock the Younger: Bentside Spinet, London c1735 12–14K  
375 Ferdinand Seiler: Grand Pianoforte, Munich c1820 12–18K  
376 Burkat Shudi and John Broadwood: Single manual Harpsichord, London 1779 50–70K  
377 Grand Pianoforte, Italy c1830 800–1.2K  
378 Clementi & Co:Square Piano, London c1815 1-1.5K  
379 William Stodart: Grand Pianoforte, London c1815 7–10K  


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