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Important Musical Instruments

21 June 1984

  • All figures are in Pounds Sterling (GBP)
  • Sales results include Buyer’s Premium
  • Omitted lot numbers indicate items that were withdrawn, passed, or unsold as of data date


77 John Harrison: Fine English Spinet, London 1781 6–8K 6050
78 Jacob & Abraham Kirckman: Fine Two-manual English Harpsichord, London 1783 8–12K 14300
125 Henry Holland: Square Piano, London 1790 400–600 -
126 Small Square Piano, English late 18th century 300–600 -
127 Unusual Clavichord, possibly English c1830 400–600 -
128 Thomas Machell: Dulcitone, Glasgow 300–400 -
129 Leukfield: Square Piano, London c1790 300–500 -


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