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Important Early Musical Instruments

9 October 1981

All figures are in Pounds Sterling (GBP)

  • Sales results include Buyer’s Premium
  • Omitted lot numbers indicate items that were withdrawn, passed, or unsold as of data date


163 William Harris: English Spinet, London 1773 4–6K  
164 Bundfrei Clavichord, Italian late 18th century 1–1.5K  
165 Interesting Upright Grand Pianoforte, probably Scandinavian, circa 1800 700–1000  
166 William P.R. Cope: Square Piano, London, early 19th century 350–550  
167 Longman & Broderip: Square Piano, London c1780 500–700  
168 William Rolfe & Sons: Square Piano, London c1810 400–600  
169 Muir Wood & Co: Very fine English or Scottish Chamber Organ. Edinburgh c1810 3–4K  
170 Theodore Charles Bates: Cabinet Piano, London c1840 200–400  
171 Johann Christian Schleip: Lyraflügal, Berlin c1830 3–5K  
172 William Southwell: Very rare and fine Pianoforte, Dublin 1800 5–7K  


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