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Highly Important Musical Instruments

8 November 1979

  • All figures are in Pounds Sterling (GBP)
  • Sales results incomplete


156 John Broadwood & Sons: Good Cabinet Piano, London c1840 400–600 ?
157 John Broadwood & Sons: Fine Square Piano, London 1806 400–600 ?
158 Arnold Dolmetsch: Forte Piano, London 1900 600–800 ?
159 Johann Heichele: Fine Viennese Grand Pianoforte, Vienna [ND] 4–6K ?
160 Viennese Work Box Piano, first quarter of the 19th century 400–600 ?
161 Christopher Ganer: Fine and Unusual Square Piano, London last quarter of the 18th century 800–1.2K ?
162 John Broadwood & Sons: Fine Grand Piano, London 1819 3–5K ?


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