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Carey Beebe and Shane Thio at the new Singapore Symphony harpsichord 21K jpeg
SSO Harpsichordist Shane Thio
at the new instrument with Carey Beebe.

New Harpsichord Arrives!

Those who attended the Singapore Symphony Orchestra’s performances of Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos on 12 and 13 March at Victoria Concert Hall had the honour of witnessing the debut of SSO’s new Franco-Flemish double manual harpsichord. Integral to the performance of all music before 1800, this instrument took Australian harpsichord maker Carey Beebe eighteen months to craft using the best traditional European materials.

Said Beebe, “We have all attended concerts and seen the poor harpsichordist enthusiastically playing away, but not being able to hear any sound come out! That’s a thing of the past in Singapore, I hope. This new instrument is one of the loudest I’ve made to date, and it’s showing itself to be the centrepiece of the ensemble, tying everything together. It also has two 63-note keyboards, which can cover virtually the entire range of music required — solo or accompaniment.”

Music-lovers can thus look forward to more concerts of Baroque music by the SSO in the future.

BraviSSimO! Vol.5 No.3  July 2004

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