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Harpsichord Makers — European

It might seem extraordinary to some to find here such a comprehensive list of websites of harpsichord, clavichord and fortepiano makers from all over the world. After all, I’m a harpsichord maker myself, and in any normal business sense, my many colleagues listed here could well be considered my competitors. However, as a long-term web user, I consider it a privilege to compile and host this listing on my site in the spirit of the free information possibilities of the internet. I trust that some exploration of these links will truly reveal the remarkable diversity of our early keyboard world. In my travels, I’ve been fortunate to able to meet many craftsmen, and/or become familiar with much of their work. As a reflection of their individual philosophies, the instrument makers listed here offer an amazing variety of instruments produced in a multitude of methods, styles, qualities and prices, so please don’t be too bewildered…

And of course, if you’ve found this page through a search engine, I hope you’ll browse around a little of my site before dashing off. (You can follow some of the links in the full navigation menu at the left, or follow the link at the bottom of this page to search this large site using Google.) Even though you might consider Australia distant from the major harpsichord centres, my business is very International, and while I naturally focus on the Asia/Pacific region, I can probably help you with my specialities no matter where you live.

Carey Beebe

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