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2012/03/23 The Come-Bach Kid
Blue Wings, Helsinki, Finland
The harpsichord has made a steady return to classical music, keeping instrument makers and players busy…
2011/06/03 The pull of the past
Financial Times, London, UK
“That's why I chose the harpsichord – it was this idea of diving into the past.” As a child growing up in Aix-en-Provence, Rousset was in thrall to the city’s architectural splendour and inspired by the baroque operas he saw at the annual Festival...
2011/03/13 A couple find their calling in harpsichords
The Washington Post, Washington DC, USA
Thomas Wolf was already a purist at 16. The piece he was supposed to perform on the double bass for his senior recital at Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan called for accompaniment by a harpsichord, and, to his dismay, the school didn’t have one…
2010/12/20 Discovering Vancouver’s hidden music makers
Vancouver Observer, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Up in the hills of West Vancouver, there is a house entirely furnished with harpsichords and other exotic early keyboard instruments. They are the work of Craig Tomlinson, one of Canada’s two makers of early keyboard instruments…
2010/07/28 Passion for music underpins harpsichord maker’s craft
Berkleyside, CA, USA
The front room of John Phillips’ West Berkeley workshop on Grayson Street is crowded with an Italian-style harpsichord …
2009/10/04 Diane Hubbard, 71; helped preserve harpsichord’s allure
Boston Globe, MA, USA
Then she met Frank Hubbard, a craftsman who with his friend William Dowd was spurring a revival of the harpsichord …
2009/08/24 Baroque revival by harpsichord maker
BBS Somerset, UK
For 30 years, Andrew Garlick has been making harpsichords, an interest he has harboured since he was at primary school …
2009/08/24 A keyboard maven shows off the tools of his venerable trade
Boston Globe, MA, USA
“It started with my falling in love with the harpsichord, at age 13, through an LP that my mother brought home from the Stop & Shop …
2009/08/07 Instruments: A Sound Bid
Wall Street Journal, NY, USA
An early Italian harpsichord from Bologna, circa 1680, fetches between £40000 and £50000. Nicola Gagliano, another member of the family, will feature in …
2009/07/26 Missing Harpsichord Concerto really a dirge
Chicago Tribune, IL, USA
When it comes to government wasting your money, the song remains the same, but there’s nothing as depressing as the Missing Harpsichord Concerto…
2009/01/25 Ypsilanti spawned a harpsichord expert
The Ann Arbor News,, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Ypsilanti is not well known for the building of old-fashioned musical instruments such as the harpsichord and clavichord, but one man from Ypsilanti became…
2009/01/22 New harpsichord for Malta Philharmonic Orchestra
Malta Independent Online, Malta
The Malta Philharmonic Orchestra has just received consignment of a brand new harpsichord manufactured by world renowned German manufacturer JC Neupert…
2009/01/19 Prestons harpsichord maker
ABC Melbourne breakfast show
Alistair [sic] McAllister makes harpsichords based on a 17th design…
2009/01/19 Hand-made musical gem from a Preston workshop
The Age, Melbourne
Sweet music: The harpsichord has captivated Alistair [sic] McAllister since the age of 15. This piece, the copy of a 17th-century gem, has gone to the new…

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