Cadet Harpsichord

Instrument conceived & designed by Emmanuel Danset
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It’s a challenge to design a simple and inexpensive, yet musically worthwhile harpsichord. Emmanuel Danset’s aim was to fulfill the need for a traditionally-shaped harpsichord in a similar price range to a new spinet. The Cadet model appeals to players who previously may only have been able to consider a secondhand instrument.

This Petit Clavecin is made by the craftsmen at Atelier Marc Ducornet in Paris, and was added to their Logo range of entry-level instruments in 2007.

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The Cadet is single-strung, light and resonant. There is no plywood, chipboard, or MDF: The case and lid are made from solid lime, and the soundboard is Swiss pine. You can chose from five vibrant modern colors, painted directly on the wood of the case without undercoat. (On special order, we continue to offer a varnished version for the same price.) The three square-tapered legs screw into the bottom, and are varnished natural wood to match the soundboard rim, keywell, music desk and lid stick. The instrument is strung in Malcolm Rose wire using traditional tuning pins, and the wooden jacks are of traditional tapered design in maple with holly tongues, PEEK springs, and Delrin plectra.

The simple fruitwood keyboard with 56-note range allows the performance of J.S. Bach. For maximum versatility, the keyboard transposes up to modern pitch A440 without the loss of the top note. (It also transposes down to A392, without bottom GG.)

This delightful and dependable harpsichord has a clear and incisive tone, and we can highly recommend it as a first harpsichord. Recent institutional orders in Australia include West Moreton Anglican College (Brisbane); Mentone Grammar School (Melbourne); McDonald College, Reddam House and PLC Croydon (Sydney); and Churchlands Senior High School and Perth Modern School (Perth). It is also proving popular with adults who wish to have a new harpsichord in the price range of which there were previously only secondhand instruments available.

Our photo shows the Cadet model in the Ibiza color, with the included music desk.

Sound 1K gif Pastór de Lasala
performing an excerpt from François Couperin’s L’Enchanteresse.

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2024 Cadet in Norfolk (grey) $16630
including padded cover


Range 56+1 notes: GG–d''', transposable A392/A415/A440 without the loss of d'''
Disposition 1x8⁠´, strung in Malcolm Rose brass & iron
Wood Case in lime, oak wrestplank, Swiss pine soundboard
Keyboard Fruitwood naturals and accidentals
Action Traditional wooden jacks, Delrin plectra
Stand Three tapered legs screw into case bottom
Decoration Choice of five colors, painted with three coats directly on the wood
Soundboard rim, keywell, music desk, lid stick & legs varnished wood
Dimensions Length 173cm ~ Width 80cm ~ Depth of case 22cm
Weight about 30kg
Music desk
Tuning hammer
Spare string set
Padded cover
Optional Reverse keyboard (ebony naturals & bone-slipped accidentals) $1390
Price $16630
Australian dollar GST-inclusive prices ex Peakhurst effective 1 Mar 2024
GST-exempt prices available for export.
Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.

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