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*** in workshop
ACT Australian Capital Territory
NSW New South Wales
NT Northern Territory
QLD Queensland
SA South Australia
TAS Tasmania
VIC Victoria
WA Western Australia

#484 Zuckermann Concert V harpsichord 184K jpeg

Choice of the Instruments…

Zuckermann Concert Harpsichord V 1979

61: GG-g'''

2x8⁠´,4⁠´, buff, burgundy exterior, soundboard painting, stool, very good condition.

Available for sale from the vendor in Sydney who has lovingly cared for his instrument since building it thirty years ago.


#482 SA Goble Concert Double-manual harpsichord 1962
61: FF-f'''  
wooden jacks with original leather plectra, poor condition with large soundboard split through middle
IL#482 4K jpeg + $1000
#485 VIC Triple-fretted Clavichord 1995
45: E-c'''  
A429, Australian blackwood case, spruce soundboard
IL#485 4K jpeg $2800
#418 VIC Alec Hodsdon Virginal, Suffolk UK 1950
53: C-e'''  
wooden jacks with leather plectra, reverse keyboard, walnut casework, rose
IL#418 4K jpeg $3500
#465 SA Zuckermann Flemish Single Harpsichord VI 1978
52: GG/BB-d'''  
8+4, buff, antique white exterior, green interior, excellent condition
IL#465 4K jpeg $5000
#470 NZ Zuckermann Concert Harpsichord IV c1978
61: GG-g'''  
2x8⁠´,4⁠´, burgundy exterior, tan interior, recently serviced, LOCATED IN WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND
IL#470 4K jpeg NZD7000
#405 NSW Zuckermann Concert Harpsichord III c1975
61: GG-g'''  
2x8⁠´,4⁠´, olive exterior, cream interior, good condition
IL#405 4K jpeg $7000
#483 SA Hubbard French Double 1975
63: FF-g'''  
non-transposing, green case, soundboard painting, solid structural condition but would benefit from thorough restringing & regulation
IL#483 4K jpeg + $7000
#463 VIC Neupert Single-manual Rameau (historic) model c1974
61: FF-f'''  
8⁠´,4⁠´, buff, reverse keyboard, mahogany case, rose, turned stand, stool, excellent condition PRICE REDUCED
IL#463 4K jpeg $7500
#484 NSW Zuckermann Concert Harpsichord V 1979
61: GG-g'''  
2x8⁠´,4⁠´, buff, burgundy exterior, soundboard painting, stool, very good condition
IL#484 4K jpeg $8000
#439 NSW Hugh Jones French Single Harpsichord 1997 / Blanchet
61: FF-f'''  
2x8⁠´, 4⁠´ , buff, wooden jacks, reverse kb, Flemish papers PRICE REDUCED
IL#439 4K jpeg $8500
#249 VIC Gibbons 1999 Italian Harpsichord/Grimaldi 1697
53: GG-c'''  
2x8⁠´, yellow cedar case, boxwood & ebony kb
IL#249 4K jpeg $13000
#394 NSW Dominic Parker 2002 French Single / Taskin
61: FF-f'''  
2x8⁠´, boxwood naturals, walnut casework, Korg tuner
IL#394 4K jpeg $15000
#479 VIC Richard Sorensen Fortepiano 1984 after Stein 1784
61: FF-f'''  
double strung, cherry veneer, frame & panel lid, padded cover
IL#479 4K jpeg $30000
#477 NSW Karl-Heinz Hug (Zürich) 1994 Fortepiano after the Salzburg Walter c1795
63: FF-g'''  
Crossbanded cherry veneer, bone naturals, stained fruitwood accidentals, stool, padded cover, cherished professional instrument in as new condition
IL#477 4K jpeg $65000

#486 VICClavichord by Ratajak, Oregon 1975PRESTONS NSW 2170
#472 VICAMD French 17th century harpsichord, Paris 2007GOOGONG NSW 2620
#481 QLDHubbard French Double Harpsichord c1979ALBANY CREEK QLD 4035
#464 VIC Triple-fretted Clavichord 1995 TOORAK VIC 3142
#473 SA Morley Pentagonal Virginal c1968 KINGSTON VIC 3364
#422 SA Schaumlöffel Large single-manual harpsichord 1996/Delin NORTH ADELAIDE SA 5006
#478 VIC Mars McMillan Virginal 1972 FAIRLIGHT NSW 2094
#392 VIC Zuckermann Double-fretted Clavichord III RAINBOW VIC 3424
#476 *** Morley Clavichord c1957 ZILLMERE QLD 4034
#383 WA Zuckermann Flemish Double XV MERRIMAC QLD 4226
#474 *** Morley Clavichord #454 c1957 RAINBOW VIC 3424
#469 *** AMD Cadet harpsichord 2011 CAMPERDOWN NSW 2050
#467 *** Zuckermann Unfretted Clavichord V DINMORE QLD 4303
#462 VIC Morley Bentside Spinet London 1967 POTTS POINT NSW 2011
#466 ACT Hubbard Flemish Single Harpsichord 1985 CARNEGIE VIC 3163
#368 WA Zuckermann Flemish XV 1986 ST LUCIA QLD 4067
#451 *** Morley Clavichord 1962 POTTS POINT NSW 2011
#460 QLD Tokai Spinet c1980 COMO NSW 2226
#454 VIC Hugh Craig unfretted clavichord from 1981 kit ALBURY NSW 2640
#458 *** Hubbard French Double Harpsichord 1975 NERRINA VIC 3350
#448 *** Zuckermann Flemish Single Harpsichord V 1975 NERRINA VIC 3350
#456 *** Storrs Bentside Spinet 1982 WOOLLOONGABBA QLD 4102
#457 *** Goble Double-manual Harpsichord 1968 ROSEVILLE NSW 2069
#452 SA Single-manual harpsichord by Officium Musicum, Milan 1994 NEWCASTLE NSW 2300
#455 *** Zuckermann Double-fretted Clavichord III NAREMBURN NSW 2065
#438 *** Hubbard Mother & Child Flemish Virginals by Wallace Sullivan 1981 CANBERRA ACT 2600
#440 TAS Wittmayer Bach model Double-manual harpsichord 1968 MELBOURNE VIC 3000
#446 *** Zuckermann Flemish Single Harpsichord V 1975 NORTH LAKES QLD 4509
#445 *** Zuckermann Triple-fretted Clavichord I 1978 CHINA

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