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About the Le Pupitre titles…
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The difficulty many of our customers still experience in obtaining decent harpsichord music in their part of the world, leads us to offer here the harpsichord and organ titles from the Le Pupitre series. Released under the general direction of François Lesure, Head Music Librarian of the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris, these volumes with their distinctive “dotty” covers have earned their place on the music desks of harpsichordists everywhere.

Characterized by clean editing, most volumes include an explanatory preface. Often annotations by the composer are included, along with ornament tables and even a few pages in facsimile.

For all overseas orders, we ship by airmail direct from the publisher in Paris. French TVA applies for deliveries within France. For Australian orders, your invoice will include GST. Please note that due to existing publisher distribution arrangements, there may be some countries to which we are unable to ship directly. In this instance, we will recommend the local agent for you to contact to place your order.

The publisher price code of each volume is shown in the second last column. These Prices are subject to change, and include airmail postage worldwide.


ALL TITLES ONLY AUD40 including postage worldwide!

(AUD44 with GST for Australian deliveries.)

The publisher price code of each volume is shown in the last column. These Prices are subject to change, and include airmail postage worldwide. To order any of these titles, please use our Le Pupitre Order Form. Within the next business day of your enquiry, we will be able to ascertain availability and confirm price including delivery, and invoice you. Our invoice can then be paid online using PayPal and your music dispatched.



Jean-Henri d’Anglebert (1635–1691)

Pièces de clavecin
Edited by Kenneth Gilbert

Volume 1
Suites 1 – 4

In addition to four suites for harpsichord and six pieces for organ, there are pieces by Lully and others transcribed for keyboard. The original edition of 1689 contained the most carefully detailed ornamentation table by a French composer, and this is included along with a chapter on accompaniment.

Volume 2 ZF

Claude Balbastre (1727–1799) Pièces de clavecin d’orgue et de forte piano
Edited by Alan Curtis
This volume contains many of the works of the organist who became Marie-Antoinette’s harpsichord master. The final piece composed in 1792 was dedicated to the “Brave defenders of the Republic”: Marche des Marseillois et l’Air Ça ira. The former, of course, was to become the National Anthem of modern France—minus its canon shot—while the latter was the popular ditty supposedly played while the carts of the condemned trundled the route to the infamous guillotine.    

Lambert Chaumont (c1630—1712) Pièces d’orgue sur les huit tons
Edited by Jean Ferrard
Volume 1 ZC
Short and lively pieces —préludes, dialogues, duos, trios—composed by a priest from Liege. Volume 2 YY

Thomas Chilcot (d1766) Six suites of lessons for the harpsichord
Edited by Davitt Moroney
These pieces in the style of Scarlatti are Chilcot’s only contribution to the harpsichord repertoire.    

François Couperin (1688–1733) Pièces de clavecin
Edited by Kenneth Gilbert
Volume 1
Ordres 1 – 5
Couperin’s four books (1713, 1716–17, 1722 & 1730) were all published and corrected by the composer—no autograph exists. In the words of Couperin himself, from his Preface to the first book; “In proportion to one’s knowledge and age, one will find pieces of greater or lesser difficulty, within the reach of skilled, mediocre or weak hands…The harpsichord is a complete instrument by virtue of its range, and sufficient unto itself.” Volume 2
Ordres 6 –12

Volume 3
Ordres 13 – 19

Volume 4
Ordres 20 – 27

Louis Couperin (c1626–1661) Pièces de clavecin
Edited by Alan Curtis
Volume 1 ZF
One of the most important 17th-century composers for harpsichord, the pieces in these volumes have been collected from various sources and arranged by key into suites. Louis Couperin’s remarkable unmeasured preludes should be studied by every keyboardist. Volume 2 ZF

Jacques Duphly (1715–1789) Pièces pour clavecin
Edited by Françoise Petit

Volume 1
Livres I & II

Duphly’s four books were published between 1744 and 1768, and trace the expansion of the new style of composition for the piano, which eventually supplanted the harpsichord after the composer’s death. Volume 2
Livres III & IV

Antoine Forqueray (c1671–1745) Pièces de clavecin
Edited by Colin Tilney
These pieces were originally viol compositions, but here have been skillfully arranged for harpsichord by the composer’s son Jean-Baptiste (1699–1782), who added three pieces of his own.    

Johann Jacob Froberger (1616–1667)

Œuvres complètes pour clavecin
Edited by Howard Schott

Tome I Volume 1 ZF
In the four volumes of this new edition, established from all the existing manuscripts, will be found toccatas, capriccios, ricercari and more. Tome I Volume 2 ZA
Tome II Volume 1
Livre de 1649
Tome II Volume 2
Livres de 1656 & 1658

Jean-Nicolas Geoffroy [attrib] (d1694) Livre d’orgue
Edited by Jean Bonfils
This book of music, attributed to the organist in Saint-Nicolas-du-Chardonnet, includes preludes and transcriptions of Lully.    

Nicolas de Grigny (1672–1703) Livre d’orgue
Edited by Charles-Léon Koehlhoeffer
This 1699 volume by the organist of the Cathedral of Rheims, was copied by the young JS Bach.    

Elisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre (c1664–1729) Pièces de clavecin
Edited by Carol Henry Bates
This prodigious woman published collections in 1687 and 1729, the first of which has been edited for the first time here.    

Richard Jones Pièces de clavecin
Edited by Stoddard Lincoln
An attractive collection of pieces by the violinist who lead the orchestra of Drury Lane.    

Jean-Baptiste Lœillet (1680–1730) Pièces pour clavecin
Edited by Eiji Hashimoto
Lœillet settled in London in 1705. His Lessons for harpsichord were published around 1710 and the Suites towards 1723.    

Benedetto Marcello (1686–1739) Sonates pour clavecin
Edited by Lorenzo Bianconi & Luciano Sgrizzi
Harpsichordists are offered fresh, unpublished fare in these sonatas of considerable imagination and charm by Scarlatti’s immediate forerunner.    

Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683–1754) Pièces de clavecin
Edited by Kenneth Gilbert
As well as his familiar harpsichord works, some thirty new pieces are published here for the first time since the eighteenth century: Rameau’s transcriptions from Les Indes Galantes.    

François Roberday (1634–1680) Fugues et caprices pour orgue
Edited by Jean Ferrard
The polyphonic tradition and Italian influences of the day are exhibited by the pieces in this anthology by the probable teacher of Lully.    

Pancrace Royer (c1700–1755) Pièces de clavecin
Edited by Lisa Crawford
With their low-pitched and thick chords which produce a tremendous amount of sound from the harpsichord, the pieces by Royer must count as the most brilliant of his generation.    

Alessandro Scarlatti (1660–1725) Neuf toccatas
Edited by Luciano Sgrizzi
The instrumental output of Alessandro Scarlatti is modest when compared to his more than seventy five operas, yet it represents a landmark in Italian keyboard music between Frescobaldi and Domenico Scarlatti.    

Domenico Scarlatti (1685–1757) Œuvres complètes pour clavier
Edited by Kenneth Gilbert

Volume I
K1 – K52


This edition of Scarlatti is based on the earliest sources and conforming to present-day editorial standards. Each volume follows the numbering of the sonatas in Kirkpatrick’s catalog, but a table of concordance is found at the end of each volume for reconciliation with Longo.



SPECIAL BONUS: Order the complete set of eleven volumes of Domenico Scarlatti, and we will include the Alessandro Scarlatti Neuf toccatas at no extra cost.

Volume II
K53 – K103

Volume III
K104 – K155

Volume IV
K156 – K205
Volume V
K206 – K255

Volume VI
K256 – K305

Volume VII
K306 – K357
Volume VIII
K358 – K407

Volume IX
K408 – K457

Volume X
K458 – K506
Volume XI
K507 – K555

Pièces d’orgue de Augustines de Vitré
Edited by Pierre-Michel Bédard
The anonymous pieces in this volume hail from a manuscript found in 1983 after an Augustinian nunnery closed in Brittany. The book provides a wealth of detailed registrations and the appendix contains a harpsichord piece attributed by the editor to François Couperin.    

Chansons Françaises pour Orgue
Edited by Jean Bonfils
These keyboard transcriptions of 16th-century secular chansons are reproduced from a Munich manuscript.    

Siegel cover 7K jpeg

Apprendre à Toucher le Clavecin
—un choix d'exercises et de pièces pour débutants en deux volumes

[Learning to Play the Harpsichord
—a selection of exercises and pieces in two volumes

by Richard Siegel


Volume I

Volume II



With parallel text in French, English, German and Spanish, a graded selection in two volumes of over ninety pieces by composers including Türk, Corrette, Rameau and Mozart. Volume I with optional CD.

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